Juro Saltz Rods

We are pleased to announce the release of the new range of Saltz Rods that have been developed by the Juro Ozpro team that offer excellent value for money and have a wide range of angling applications and are using a new technology in fishing rod blank design, BASALT FIBRE. Basalt fibre was developed after Word War II by researchers in the USA, Europe and the Soviet Union especially for military and aerospace applications. It is made from a single material, crushed Basalt, which unlike fibreglass essentially has no materials added. The Basalt fibre is melted down at about 1400°C. The molten rock is then extruded through small nozzles to produce a continuous filament of Basalt fibre. The Basalt Fibre then goes through a manufacturing process called centrifugal-multiroll to produce the end product.

Basalt fibre is similar to carbon fibre and fibreglass but better physicomechanical properties than fibreglass and it is significantly cheaper than carbon fibre. It has a high elastic modulus, resulting in excellent specific tenacity, three times that of steel. It is used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace and automotive industries and we pleased to announce it is now being used as a composite in the new Saltz Series rods.

The Basalt fibre is extremely light, yet very strong giving these rods light tips but a lot of low down power. This allows the angler to feel sensitive bites but have the power to stop large fish. These rods will come in a series of Surf, Boat and Spin series models. The rods feature the new Basalt fibre blank technology, Deluxe Reel Seats, Under and Overbound Guides, Shaped Grips, Shaped Butt Caps and Wood Sand Spikes on all Surf Models.

SURF MT144 8W 24″ THREADLINE 12’6″ 15-25lb 3-5oz 2
SURF MT144 7W 24″ THREADLINE 12’6″ 12-20lb 2-4oz 2
BOATZ BOAT 7′ 12-20lb MED 1
BOATZ BOAT 6’6″ 12-20lb MED-LIGHT 1
BOATZ BOAT 5’6″ 12-20lb MED 1
SPINZ SPIN 7’6″ 4-10lb LIGHT 2