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  • Hollow Core

    Jig Star have answered the call for a high quality, Hollow Core Braid
    that was easier to open but didn’t cost the earth!
    Made from the highest quality materials.
    Our Hollow Core Braid is 16-Strand and rated the easiest to work with.
    Together with Jig Star rigging needles, serving braid and Tacglue,
    we can offer sport fishermen a full range of accessories
    to build successful Topshots or Wind-On Leaders.

    Available in WHITE or MULTI 

    Size Line Class Diameter
    700 & 1000mt 50lb 0.33mm
    700 & 1000mt 80lb 0.45mm
    700 & 1000mt 130lb 0.64mm
  • Katana 8X Braid

    New Katana Jigging and Popping Braid is an 8-Carrier high pitch line.
    Made in Taiwan using Dyneema material from Nippon Dyneema of Japan.
    Katana Braid is a Multi-Coloured Braid that changes colour every 10mts
    and features Micro Pitch braiding technology with a Hyper Advanced Coating Process. This helps produce a Braid that is extremely strong, but thin and offers minimal guide friction.

    Available in 300mt & 1000mt

    PE RATING                       LINE CLASS                     DIAMETER

      PE2                                       39lb                                   0.20mm

     PE3                                       44lb                                   0.24mm

     PE4                                       66lb                                   0.32mm

     PE5                                       72lb                                   0.36mm

     PE6                                       77lb                                   0.41mm

     PE8                                    100lb                                   0.43mm

     PE10                                  137lb                                   0.50mm


  • Kevlar Cord

    Japanese YGK, 4mt Length
    Available in Red
    Sizes: XS (70lb),  S(100lb),  M(240lb)  &  L(300lb)

  • Knot Sleeve

    Jig Star Knot Sleeve is used to protect leader knots from being cut against Solid Rings or other tie points.
    Sleeve can accept over 200lb leader

  • Metal Core

    3mt Length Stainless Core, Multi Strand Woven Outer
    Bite Proof Tie for Assist Hooks
    Available in Chartreuse or Pink
    Sizes: 50lb, 100lb, 150lb or 200lb

  • Tac Glue

    Tac Glue is a specially formulated CA adhesive (cyanoacrylate).
    Tacglue is a viscous adhesive and will quickly wick into any Braid or serve to give you a strong reliable bond.   20gram Bottle

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