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  • Firebaits Bardi Grubs

    A realistic imitation of a favoured bait of Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Trout & other freshwater species

    Large     80mm    4pcs per bag

    Small     60mm    6pcs per bag

  • Firebaits Longtail Minnow

    A perfect imitation with ‘Live Eyes’ and a split tail. A favourite amongst tournament and recreational anglers alike.

    Deadly on Bream, Bass, Flathead, Estuary Perch and Trout.

    Now with added Enviro-Salt.

    80mm           8pcs per pkt

  • Firebaits Shrimp

    A perfect Prawn/Shrimp imitation that looks like the exact thing in natural colours.

    Deadly on Bream, Flathead, Estuary Perch, Bass and any fish species that preys on Prawns & Shrimp 

    80mm            8pcs per pkt

  • Firebaits Wigglebait 2″

    A miniature baitfish profile with a holographic finish and 3D Eyes for added attraction.

    Weight balanced with an irresistible action, ideally suited to Bream, Bass, Trout, Redfin and more.

    50mm (2″)         5.5grams        6pcs per bag

  • Firebaits Wigglebaits 4″

    A realistic profile baitfish with a holographic finish and 3D Eyes for realism.

    Weight balanced with a long slender curl tail with a fantastic action.

    Suitable for many estuary and freshwater species.

    100mm (4″)         15grams        5pcs per bag

Showing all 5 results