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  • Juro Alpine Spinner

    A classic popular Trout spinner that has also proven deadly on Redfin and Bass.

    Weight : 3 grams.

  • Juro Marble Spinner

    A popular sonic bladed lure. Painted body with black spots.

    Ideal Redfin, Trout & Yellowbelly lure.

    Weight : 11 grams

  • Juro Perch Spinner

    A classic Redfin and Yellowbelly lure with a proven track record over many years.

    Weight : 5 grams

  • Juro Redfin Bobber

    A leadfish that is deadly on Trout, Redfin and Yellowbelly.

    A must have lure for any freshwater anglers jigging or fishing tailrace headwaters.

    Weight : 35 grams

  • Juro Sonar Spinner

    A Trout spinner that emits an audible sound through body vibration.

    Also suitable for Redfin and Bass.

    Weight : 4 grams

Showing all 5 results