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  • Juro Mimic Frog

    5cm,    Floating,    Dives to approx. 3ft

    A perfect frog imitation with loud rattles and a very lifelike action.

  • Juro Mimic Hopper

    4cm,    Floating,     Dives to approx. 3ft

    A fantastic small hopper imitation with a superb swimming action.

    Deadly on Trout.

  • Juro Mimic Skeeta

    7cm,    Floating,    Surface Walker

    A superb surface walker with an irresistible frog like kicking action.

    Deadly on Murray Cod, Bass and large Trout.

  • Juro Mimic Sweetwater

    6.5cm,    Floating,    Dives to approx. 3ft

    A beautiful floating baitfish imitation with a fantastic rolling action.

    Ideal for Bream, Flathead, Salmon and Trout.

  • Juro Mimic Yabby

    6cm,    Floating,    Dives to approx. 4ft

    Looks and swims just like a real Yabby!. Includes rattle attractors.

    Fantastic on Bream, Bass, Redfin & Trout.

  • Mimic Bug

    4cm,     Floating,     Surface Walker

    A miniature version of the Skeeta. Fantastic Cicada imitation.

    Deadly on Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch and Trout. 

Showing all 6 results