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  • Eureka Ghost Jig

    Available in sizes Weight 40grams, Length 70mm

                                          Weight 60grams, Length 80mm

                                          Weight 80grams  Length 90mm

     • Pre-rigged with TWIN assist hooks.    

    • Pre Rigged with a soft squid bait.   

    • Scolloped reverse side to increase flutter action.   

    • Holographic finish.

    Designed for Micro Jigging.

  • Eureka Octane Jigs

    Realistic exquisite Squid/Octopus Imitation

    Available in sizes Weight: 50 grams    Length: 190mm

                                             Weight: 100 grams    Length: 190mm

    • Pre-rigged with TWIN assist hooks    

    • Tantalising Pulsating Skirt  

    • Live Eyes  

    • Glow Underbody

    • Quality Dacron material with a solid Ring

    Designed for Micro Jigging.

Showing all 2 results