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  • Assist Hooks

    Eureka Assist Hooks are designed to be used with Eureka Jigs and other quality deep sea jigs.

    Eureka Assist Hooks feature quality Mustad 10827 BLN Hooks, 200lb strong Kevlar leader that is heat shrunk for added protection, Solid Welded Ring and a Heavy Duty Forged Split Ring

    Available in sizes 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 & 10/0

    (3 pieces per packet)

  • Eureka Ambush Jigs

    Available in sizes : Weight 150grams, Length 185mm

                                           Weight 220grams, Length 230mm

    • Pre-rigged with assist hooks      

    • Centre Balanced Weight in middle        

                 • Jigging Action will make this lure dance in the water        

    • Glo belly section

  • Eureka Diamond Bait Jig

    Available in sizes : Weight 130grams, Length 175mm

                                           Weight 200grams, Length 225mm

          • Pre-rigged with assist hooks      

          • Rigged weight on tail    

    • Sliced opposite reverse side to increase sliding action      

     • Holographic finish 

    • Glo belly section


  • Eureka Pirate Jigs

    Available in sizes : Weight 220grams, Length 225mm

         • Pre-rigged with assist hooks      

    • Unique Swimming Action        

    • Scalloped back makes this lure dance in the water      

     • Centre Balanced 

    • Glo belly section

  • Eureka Riot Jig

     Available in sizes : Weight 180grams, Length 225mm

                                           Weight 240grams, Length 245mm

         • Pre-rigged with assist hooks      

          • Rigged Centre Balanced       

    • Scolloped on reverse side  

            • Sinks quickly without influences from tide

     • Glo belly section

Showing all 5 results