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Strike Pro Astro Vibe 45 Hot New Colours!

We have released 2 outstanding new colours in the highly popular and very effective range of Strike Pro Astro Vibe 45 lures. The new colours are sure to be a huge hit and feature the unique Polycarbonate  belly UV reactive belly with In-Built rattles like the rest of the Astro Vibe range.

To find out more, simply click on the Strike Pro Logo on the Homepage.

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New Mapso Vlason Spinners

The new Mapso Vlason spinners are a bell shaped lure that features a cog internally that creates a vibration as it spins through the water to attract fish from a further distance and is also effective in murky water.

100% Perfect spinning action everytime. Click on the Mapso logo on the Homepage to find out more on the superb range of Mapso Spinners.


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New Eureka 3D Baitfish Lures

We have just received the latest offering from Eureka Lures. The 3D Baitfish are a truly outstanding Baitfish profile lure that offer an extraordinary realistic finish. The Eureka 3D Baitfish lures come rigged with a quality single hook and can be either cast retrieved or used as a Micro Jig.

To find out more on the Eureka 3D Baitfish range, click on the Eureka Lure Logo on the Homepage.

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Vic Bream Classic Event Wins at Nelson, Victoria 09/10/16


The latest round of the Vic Bream Classic series at Nelson saw 41 teams face the toughest conditions ever faced with only 13 teams bringing fish to the weigh master over the 2 days. Strike Pro lures helped anglers in the super tough conditions with the winning team of made up by Mike Reber and Justin Dingwell getting the Win using Strike Pro Astro Vibe lures as a part of there lure arsenal. Congratulations on your Win guys!!!

The 2nd Placed team, Team Pro Strike were using Strike Pro Hummers and Cyber Vibes and the Big Bream of the event caught by Corey McClaren was caught using the Strike Pro Astro Vibes. Well Done to all competitors in tough and trying conditions.

It’s also great to see Strike Pro lures performing so well in the super tough conditions!