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Strike Pro Astro Vibe 45 Hot New Colours!

We have released 2 outstanding new colours in the highly popular and very effective range of Strike Pro Astro Vibe 45 lures. The new colours are sure to be a huge hit and feature the unique Polycarbonate  belly UV reactive belly with In-Built rattles like the rest of the Astro Vibe range.

To find out more, simply click on the Strike Pro Logo on the Homepage.

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New Mapso Vlason Spinners

The new Mapso Vlason spinners are a bell shaped lure that features a cog internally that creates a vibration as it spins through the water to attract fish from a further distance and is also effective in murky water.

100% Perfect spinning action everytime. Click on the Mapso logo on the Homepage to find out more on the superb range of Mapso Spinners.


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New Eureka 3D Baitfish Lures

We have just received the latest offering from Eureka Lures. The 3D Baitfish are a truly outstanding Baitfish profile lure that offer an extraordinary realistic finish. The Eureka 3D Baitfish lures come rigged with a quality single hook and can be either cast retrieved or used as a Micro Jig.

To find out more on the Eureka 3D Baitfish range, click on the Eureka Lure Logo on the Homepage.