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  • Juro Flashmaster

    Classic chrome slice in an exciting range of new colours that emit a fantastic flash effect in the water. Proven on many predatory & pelagic species.

    Available in sizes  : 20, 30, 40 & 50 grams

  • Juro Lazer

    The original Australian designed and developed lure that has been a favourite amongst Aussie anglers for many years.

    A versatile lure in a large range of colours and sizes that can be used for spinning, jigging or trolling for many fish species.

    Available in sizes: 15, 25, 35, 50, 70 & 90 grams

  • Juro Octopus Bait

    A soft plastic octopus bait with soft, pulsating tentacles.

    Ideal for trolling for pelagics, game fishing or any species that prey on Cephalapods.

    230mm (9¼ inches)

  • Juro Squid Bait

    A soft squid bait with pulsating tentacles and vigorous action.

    12cm model is ideal for trolling for pelagics, game fishing or any species that prey on squid. 6cm model is great for surf fishing or as an inshore/ estuary lure for Tailor, Salmon and more.

    Available in sizes: 6cm & 12cm

  • Juro Stainless Squid Jig

    Stainless Steel Wire Squid Jig, designed to be used with baits such as Pilchards and Silver Whiting. Dual Barbed. 2 pcs per pack

    Available in sizes : 15cm and 21cm

  • Juro Surf Popper

    Use in place of baited hook as a very effective attractor in the surf when chasing Australian Salmon and Tailor.

    2pcs per pack

  • Juro Surf Popper Rig

    Juro Surf Popper Rigs are conveniently rigged ready for the angler.

    Simply tie the end of line to the Rolling Swivel and attach the sinker onto the clip.

    Available in G/W or R/W

  • Juro Voodoo Doll Teaser

    A truly awesome teaser with amazing flash and light reflections.

    The specially designed weighted head with eyes and nose enables the Voodoo Doll to get down under the surface where most teasers just will not go.

    Designed, developed and made in Australia.

    Available in SMALL and LARGE

Showing all 8 results