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  • Air Pumps

    1.5 Volt Boxed Aerator. Two Speed, Water Resistant.

    12Volt Two Speed Aerator. Fits in a Car Cigarette Lighter.

  • Attractor Beads

    6mm    40 pcs per packet.

    Available in Lumo, Metallic or Red.

  • Attractor Tube / Beads

    1mt of Tubing with 20 x 6mm  Beads per packet.

    Available in Lumo Green or Red.

  • Bait Pump Washer Sets

    Ideal for the Juro 30″ King Size Bait Pump and similar Bait Pumps.

    Comes with Metal Spacers, Rubber Washers and Wingnut.

  • Bait Pumps

    Juro 30″ King Size Bait Pump with EVA Handles.

    Ideal for pumping Bass Yabbies (Nippers), Marine Worms and Soft Shell.

  • Bait Sieve

    The Bait Sieve is ideal to use in conjunction with the Juro King Size Bait Pump.

    Simply attache a Bike tube around the sieve to allow to float. Ideal for collecting Bass Yabbies (Nippers), Marine Worms and Soft Shell. 

  • Bait Thread

    Bait Thread is an elastic thread that helps hold soft baits in place and avoids them coming off during casting. Ideal for Rock, Surf and Squid fishing.

    2 per packet

  • Boat Bungs

    High Quality Plastic

    Available in Sizes: Small with Coarse Thread & Large 35mm

  • Can Caps

    Helps avoid spills. Keeps Wasps and Insects out of your can.

    Helps keep carbonation longer. Washable and Re-Useable.

    2 Sizes per pack.

  • Fish Donger Bat

    Timber Fish Donger Bat

    Ideal for subduing Gummy Shark & School Sharks

  • Fish Measuring Stick 38cm

    38cm  Length, Legal length, durable plastic.

    State sizes for common species printed on the back.

  • Fish Measuring Stick 80cm Folding

    80cm  Length Folding, Legal length, durable plastic.

    State sizes for common species printed on the front and back.

  • Floats – L.E.D. Foam Long Bobber

    The L.E.D. Foam Long Bobbers are ideal for fishing at night or in low light conditions. These floats come with a Lithium BR/CR 425 Battery.

    Available in 10gram (Small) & 15gram (Medium)

  • Floats Blackfish

    Ideal floats for use targeting Blackfish (Luderick).

    Available in Small & Medium, 2pcs per packet.

  • Floats Foam Topper

    Ideal for Squid or Live Bait Fishing.

    Available in Mini, Medium and Large.

  • Floats Oval Waterfill

    Waterfill Clear Oval Floats

    Available in Sml & Med (2pcs per pkt)

  • Floats Round Waterfill

    Waterfill Clear Round Floats

    Available in Sml & Med (2pcs per pkt)

  • Floats Squid

    Large U/W or WTD Squid Floats

    Comes with Starlight, Stoppers & Holder

    1 Pce Per Pkt

  • Gimbal Bucket – Deluxe

    The Gimbal Bucket Deluxe will support the angler when fighting larger fish species.

    Comes with Stainless Steel Pin that can be removed.

  • Hand Spears

    (Hawaiian Sling)

    Ideal for Floundering. Aluminium 2pce

    Spare Rubbers are also available

  • Handcasters

    Rigged Handcasters: 4″, 6″ & 8″

  • Hook Covers – Squid Jigs

    Squid hook protector

    50pcs per bag
    Suits sizes: 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5

  • Hook Covers – Trebles

    Treble hook protector   

    50pcs per bag
    Sizes:#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5

  • Juro NuClear Line

    Juro NuClear Line is a 100% Co-Polymer fishing line and is one of the best all round fishing lines available.

    It features excellent linear strength, high twist resistance and exceptional knot strength. The Evolution + Line is made using the latest technological breakthroughs in Nylon extrusion. All Spools are Parallel wound.


    Available in 300mt Spools in 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 & 30lb

  • Oval Blockend Feeders

    Lead Based Berley Cages.

    Available in sizes: 20, 25 & 40 grams.

  • Paravanes

    Heavy Duty Plastic construction. Allows Lures and Baits to be fished deeper.

    Yellow: Standard

    Green: Heavy Duty/Saltwater

  • Rod Bells

    Double: Available in Pre Pack or Bulk

    Bell with Light: Available in Pre Pack

  • Sinker Packs Dial Packs

    Ideal Packs for the travelling angler.

    Ball:    Sizes: 00, 0, 01, 1 & 2

    Split Shot:    Sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2, BB, SSG  & AAA

  • Sinkers Ball

    Available in Pre Packs or Value Packs.

    Available in sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5 & 6.

  • Sinkers Bean

    Available in Pre Packs or Value Packs.

    Available in sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

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