Lukris lures is a family business based in Spain that has been engaged in the manufacture of great spinning lures since 1961, mainly manufacturing lures under very famous brand names. MAPSO, the Lukris house brand, has previously only been available in Spain and the surrounding area, but are now available in Australia. Known for their innovative ability and unique quality. Lukris have been responsible for producing some of the world’s best known and most trusted brands. Since 1990 Lukris made the famous Rublex brand under licence for Rublex and then in the early 2000’s it purchased the iconic brand and now Owns, Makes and Distributes the Rublex brand Worldwide. Ideally located in one of Spain’s greenest areas on the banks of the Ebro River, an ideal testing ground for

‘The World’s Most Successful Spinning Lures’.

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  • Deva Spinners

    A unique, modernised version of this famous style Redfin & Yellowbelly lure.

    Features a red woollen fly on the treble hook.

  • Saja Spinners

    An updated version of one of the World’s most popular spinning lures. With improved colours and finish that will attract fish and anglers alike!

    Perfect spinning action, ideal for Trout, Redfin, Yellowbelly, Bass and other freshwater species.

    A proven winner of the highest quality!

  • Vlason Spinner

    A bell shaped spinner with a cog internally that creates a vibration as it spins through the water to attract fish from longer distances.  It is also very effective in murky water.

    Ideal for Trout, Redfin, Bass and other freshwater species.

    A proven spinner of the highest quality!

Showing all 3 results