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  • Eureka 3D Baitfish

    The 3D Baitfish offer an extraordinary realistic Baitfish that is truly outstanding.

    These lures can be used as a Micro Jig or as a Trolling/Casting lure. The 3D Baitfish comes rigged with an In-Line Single hook so it makes it harder for fish to throw the lure. They are suitable for any Saltwater fish that preys on Baitfish.

    Available in 20, 40 & 60 grams

  • Eureka Action Baits

    The new Action Baits have a vigorous fluttering action that many fish find appealing. They offer a truly amazing finish and it comes fitted with a VMC Permasteel Treble Hook.

    They are deadly on Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Mackerel and Tuna.

    Available in 20, 30 & 45grams

  • Eureka Boil BaitZ

    The Eureka Boil BaitZ are a traditional baitfish lure in improved colours that is highly effective when worked at high speed. They can also be carefully bent to increase the lures action.

    Available in 20, 30 & 40 grams

  • Eureka Flashmaster

    Classic chrome slice in an exciting range of new colours that emit a fantastic flash effect in the water. Proven on many predatory & pelagic species.

    Available in sizes  : 20, 30, 40 & 50 grams

  • Eureka K.O. BaitZ

    The Eureka K.O. BaitZ are an outstanding metal lure that have an enticing swaying action. Eureka K.O. BaitZ also feature reflective prism for added attraction and outstanding glow in the dark bodies. They are highly effective when cast or trolled at high speed. It can also be vertically jigged with a rip and drop action.

    Available in 40 & 60 grams

  • Eureka Prey Baits

    The Eureka “Bio-Lumen” Series of Jigs & Lures combines the most realistic 3D finish with incredible light emitting BIO – LUMINESCENT features, all in 1 lure. LUMINESCENT, ULTRA UV & 3D REALISM

    • Pre-rigged with Single In-Line hook
    • UV Body
    • Glo Belly with Glow Eyes
    • 3D Realistic fish finish
    • Ideal for Casting/Trolling and can also be used for Micro Jigging
    • Body can be bent to shape to create a more vigorous action

  • Eureka Saltwater Lure Kit

    The Eureka Saltwater Lure Kit features the finest hand selected lures that are proven fish catches for Australian Saltwater species.

    This kit is suitable for Barracouta, Bonito, Salmon, Tailor, Mackerel & Tuna.

Showing all 7 results