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  • Eureka 3D Baitfish

    The 3D Baitfish offer an extraordinary realistic Baitfish that is truly outstanding.

    These lures can be used as a Micro Jig or as a Trolling/Casting lure. The 3D Baitfish comes rigged with an In-Line Single hook so it makes it harder for fish to throw the lure. They are suitable for any Saltwater fish that preys on Baitfish.

    Available in 40 grams

  • Eureka Action Baits

    The new Action Baits have a vigorous fluttering action that many fish find appealing. They offer a truly amazing finish and it comes fitted with a VMC Permasteel Treble Hook.

    They are deadly on Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Mackerel and Tuna.

    Available in 20, 30 & 45grams

  • Eureka Bullets

    The Bullet is a superb lead baitfish that casts like a missile. It features a superb finish and is suited to hi speed spinning. It is fitted with quality fittings including a VMC Permasteel treble hook.

    It is suitable for many fish species.

    Available in sizes 30 & 60grams

Showing all 3 results