Professionalism, integrity, responsibility and creativeness are the principles of STRIKE PRO. Over the past thirty years, our alliance with International customers, plus our continuous improvement to achieve our customers’ desires to meet high quality standards, has made us one of the World’s most professional and innovative lure manufacturers. Customer satisfaction and quality of products are our first priority. Our achievements are also due in part by our continuous research and development, which does not merely consist of designing new products, but also improving manufacturing process and improving the marketing and promotion aspects of our products. This permits us to effectively reduce production costs to provide high quality products for a very reasonable price. Our continuing commitment to research and development will ensure that STRIKE PRO is capable of continuous improvement to satisfy the changing needs of anglers. Our emphasis on training our personnel is also a critical success factor in growing the business. The development of talented people is also vital to drive the company to grow and advance.

In 2007, in conjunction with Juro OzPro Tackle, Strike Pro Australasia has now been formalised. Juro Oz Pro Tackle will now represent Strike Pro Products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other Pacific regions.