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Rick Massie

Rick Massie actively fishes in the Hobie Bream Kayak Series and represented Australia in the Hobie World Kayak Champoinships in 2013 where he finished in 12th Place.

He is the current record holder of the Largest Bream ever caught in a Hobie Bream Kayak event at 1.83kgs and also holds the record for the Largest Bag caught at an Hobie Bream Kayak event of 3/3 for a MASSIVE 4.68kgs also.

Rick has had numerous Podium finishes over the years that he has fished the series and has also fished in a number of the Vic Bream Classic events and had wins in that series. He has also been a representative for Victoria at many Australian Fly Fishing Championships and Won Gold and Bronze medals in those events.

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Corey Gallagher

Corey hails from the western districts of Victoria and is actively out on the water every week. He loves targeting Snapper on plastics, Bream and Trevally in the estuaries and Trout in the freshwater lakes of western Victoria.

He actively fishes in some of the Vic Bream Classic events and has become a regular at the Hobie Bream Kayak events since season 2014. Corey has had Numerous Wins and podium finishes over the past few years.

In 2017 Corey had his biggest win, Winning the lucrative C.A.N. Tournament in China that is fished by anglers from around the globe and picked up a huge payday as apart of that Win.

He is an active member on Breammaster as well as running pages on Facebook including “Calm Water Fishing”.

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Paul Siemaszko

Paul Siemaszko is based in Perth, Western Australia and fishes in both the ABT Boat and the W.A Bream Classic Boat Series. He has had a number of podium finishes in both series. He has also competed further a field in the ABT events in Tasmania and Mallacoota.

Paul has also become a regular competitor at the Hobie Bream Kayak events in Western Australia since season 2014 and had his maiden Win in season 2017.

Paul has recently just purchased a new Bass Boat so has started competing in the Bream tournaments around Perth in W.A.

Paul is an active member of Breammaster and a number of other social media fishing pages.